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Papri Chat Assembly


Papri Chat Buffet
While buffets are usually easy to navigate – a papri chat is one part of the Indian buffet that needs quite a bit of a lesson in assembly. This dish is suited to the taste of the one who is going to eat it and has as many permutations as a lottery number combination. While some papri chat spreads are better than others, here’s a general idea of making your own.
First make a layer of the crunchy stuff.


Add some cubed potatoes and chickpeas/garbanzos.


Add some chicken cauliflower mix.


Add Some Yougurt and Mint Sauce


And some of the red stuff with the onions


Finish it off with Tamarind Sauce! Mmm.
Yes, it looks like a deconstructed vegetarian samosa, but better! This is just part of the buffet offerings at Indian Taj – and I assure you, the rest of the dinner is good. Cheap too!
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