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Meet Stella

I am not a formally trained cook. I learned how to cook by watching my dad, my uncle and aunts make food at home and none of them used measuring tools. Like the rest of my family, I don’t measure ingredients. I have been cooking since I was 12, possibly younger. My cooking is highly influenced by Philippine Cuisine because I grew up in Manila and I am Filipino.

I cook, eat and sleep in the borough of Queens, in the City of New York.  My access to ethnic ingredients and restaurants is unparalleled. I can walk to Filipino, Chinese/Pan-Asian, Korean, Indian and Hispanic groceries within 15-20 minutes.

This blog is a one-woman show. I am using it to showcase my technical and design skills in one place – like a portfolio. I cook, DIY, take photographs, write, do all the digital marketing and project management, content strategy, SEO, UX, social media, demand generation and everything else including the kitchen sink as that’s where I’d do the dishes.

I am a digital marketing professional with a design and writing background. If you pay close attention, there’s a huge time gap between the posts in June 2013 and April 2017. I had to take some time off to earn my MBA and jump start my career in digital marketing.

I love food and I will taste anything once, without question. Except live insects…


Email: stella<dot>schour<at>live.com

Twitter: @Stellaaa

Instagram: @stellaaanyc

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