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How to eat Pho: In Photos

How to eat Pho: In Photos
I will pretty much eat anything placed in front of me. However, when I first encountered pho, I didn’t understand why it has a cult following. it was bland, and i just didn’t get it – yet.
My friend Grishan taught me how to eat pho. It was with a bad bout of sinusitis, unresponsive to overdoses of OTC decongestants that made me revisit the lessons Grishan taught me. Thanks to her, I have never looked at a bowl of pho the same way ever again.
Asians, for the most part – take pride in self-seasoning. We love condiments. We urge you to make it your own. Pho, is exactly just like that.
At Vietnamese restaurants, they give you your bowl of Pho, a platter of bean sprouts, basil leaves and lemon. Squeeze the lemon, tear your basil leaves into pieces and put your bean sprouts in (if you have never had them, they are tasteless. they are there for texture).
There will be an abundance of condiments on your table, so squirt some hoisin sauce (The black one, and im telling you – this sauce can make your soup sing!) and some Sriracha to taste. Remember, you can add but you can’t take away.
Mix a little bit, and hide your bean sprouts under your noodles so it cooks. You’ll know it is ready if the “plant-y” taste is gone, or your soup has lowered its temperature to a comfy slurpable temp.
 Bon Appetit!
If you haven’t tried it, go get some! I got this bowl (#4 on the menu) for about $6!
4010 74th St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
All photos were taken by a Motorola Cliq Smartphone. Minimal Color Corrections using Lightroom. All hand modelling done by me.

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